My little studio

My little studio

What is House of Zinthos?

Unfortunately, House of Zinthos is not the name of an actual house (although I imagine if it were, it would look like a cross-between Dracula’s castle and Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory…) My name is Hannah Collins and House of Zinthos is my studio monicker. I am a London-born freelance artist and writer currently based in Caerphilly (Wales, UK) who works with individuals and businesses to provide bespoke illustration services for a broad range of projects including logos, children’s books, portraits, and comics.

Work in progress

Work in progress


Hannah graduated from Lancaster University (UK) with a BA in Fine Art and Creative Writing (First Class Hons) in 2012. Her love and education in drawing is rooted in painstakingly copying panels from her favourite Batman comics as a teenager that went on to form the basis of her own high-contrast and highly detailed style, although she is also fascinated by fashion, children’s books, and Surreal art. Her formal training as a fine artist lends her commercial work depth, inventiveness, and texture; and an innate ability to adapt and manipulate her style to suit any individual project.

Her work has been displayed in 3 group exhibitions to date in London and Lancaster; she has also designed book covers; comic book art; children’s story illustrations; character concept art; logos; blog illustrations; portraits; greetings cards; and since 2013 she has illustrated and produced the ongoing manga-inspired comic book series ‘Age of Revolution’ for Cosmic Anvil, as well as designing the company’s website, logo and marketing materials and helping to run the company’s comic book making workshops to local schools. Since 2015 she has also been drawing the newspaper comic strip, ‘The Astonishing Adventures of Lemon’ed & Beefy’ for The CDF in collaboration with writer Huw Williams.

When she’s not at her drawing board, Hannah spends her time blogging, drinking far too much coffee, and watching kids cartoons.

Hannah is currently represented by Inky Illustration.

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